Having a credit history is necessary. This record of financial activities is what banks will see before deciding to give you a loan, a loan or cash availability ( parallel lines of credit ).

But how can you start having a credit history? Well, with credit cards! And although it is not easy to give them to you when you are under a certain age, it is not impossible either.

In this note I tell you how you can get the credit card to suit you.

Find alternatives: compare interest rates and benefits

Find alternatives: compare interest rates and benefits

If you are one of mine and you have your finances in order, I am sure that you would not accept the first offer they offer you, right?

The secret of saving is to compare prices and this also applies to choose the credit card. Consult several banks and choose the card that offers you lower interest rates and higher benefits.

Take all the necessary documentation

Take all the necessary documentation

When you are requesting a card for the first time you cannot go empty-handed, you have to carry some documents such as your ID and usually your electricity or water bill. To ask for a credit card you will also sometimes be asked for documents that guarantee that you are working either for a company or as a freelancer.

As an independent, you will usually be asked for the receipts you have issued in the last 3 months, in addition to your enrollment in the RUC. As a dependent, in some banks you may be asked to earn a minimum of S / 450.00 per month.

Tips to keep your credit history green

Tips to keep your credit history green

Your credit card is not a toy so use it responsibly to enjoy all its benefits:

* Pay on time

* Avoid paying minimum amounts (unless you have an emergency expense)

* Do not increase a debt with more purchases.

You will see that soon your credit history will open many opportunities for you! And if you don’t want to get in trouble when using it, read the 5 tips to safely use your credit card.

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