Enjoying family summer vacations on a boat is less and less an activity reserved for the wealthy. The number of ports, moorings and boats grows, many of them to be rented. A business that allows you to spend a few days in different types of boat without having to make the large purchase and maintenance outlay.

The problem you may encounter when renting a boat is twofold. On the one hand, the lack of knowledge of the requirements that this rental must meet. Second, the intrusion, which especially many individuals sign up for a rising business to achieve economic benefit. Therefore, it is very important to know what obligations a vessel has to fulfill, among which the insurance stands out.


Compulsory insurance

To navigate in Spain it is necessary to have, at least, a compulsory Civil Liability insurance . Not having it can be subject to sanction. In fact, marinas usually request it to allow the boat to remain in its facilities. The minimum coverage of this insurance will be the damages and losses caused to third parties by the use of the boat as long as it is at sea, never in the boathouse.

In addition to this insurance, it is normal practice to include other damage insurance . This covers incidents such as sinking, shipwreck, beached, embarked, bottoming, fire, boarding, crash or collision. It is important to check if you rent a boat that has this coverage and your responsibilities in case of an accident, in order to avoid significant disbursements in case you are responsible for any damage to the boat.

For example, in the event that the boat participates in regattas, tests, competitions, or other sports activities, the Obligatory Civil Liability insurance does not cover this activity, so you must hire an insurance or supplement that covers this activity.


Interesting extras

Interesting extras

Starting from a basic and mandatory insurance such as Compulsory Cyclical Liability, bonuses such as total loss (or total loss, damages of which we are guilty and that compromise the value of the boat between 75% and 100%) can be added ), theft or particular breakdowns. You can also opt for full risk insurance that, if the boat exceeds 20 years, a survey is required by the owner running this with the management costs.

In addition, in the insurance configuration there are those that can cover your personal effects , accessories, Voluntary Civil Liability (which includes more coverage and compensation than mandatory), accident insurance for employers and occupants in sports practices (such as water skiing) or the nautical assistance that includes from the towing of the boat to the transfer or sanitary repatriation. Although, our health insurance will always be our best ally in case of need for travel assistance on vacation. A whole universe of possibilities that can be a small surcharge at the time of rental but you gain in peace of mind.

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