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Gone are the days of decorating neon poster boards or turning your tackle box into a “cash register.” In today’s society, instant gratification trumps sweaty haggles with people in their front yards. There are lots of apps that allow you to browse through pre-owned clothes, furniture, appliances and more that are up for grabs.

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If you have expensive taste, but don’t have the wallet to match, Posh is a godsend. This app allows you to narrow down your search by size, color, style and brand as you look through gently used shoes, bags, jewelry, blouses, dress, shirts and pants from girls all over the country. There’s also a really great feature that allows you to join a “party.” These are themed, scheduled, on-app meetings of Posh users that want to either buy or sell an item that falls under a specific category such as “Summer night out” or “Kate Spade and Michael Kors bags.” Best of all, the prices are listed by the seller, so you can comment on items and try to negotiate on a lower price. Posh will provide postage and monitors the shipping of each item for the buyers’ satisfaction.

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Sort of like a hybrid of Craigslist and Instagram, Offer Up allows you to set your GPS to find sellers in and around your area. You can find everything from furniture to appliances on this app, all priced by sellers, meaning you have the power to negotiate. Of course, you will have to coordinate the pick up of the item, but since it’s probably in proximity, no worries. You can browse by category or just scroll the never-ending mosaic of the photos of things being “Offered Up” locally. It’s very user friendly.

The biggest issue with any sites and apps of this nature is that many sellers may disclose that they just got an app, but it’s a bit more worn than what their highly filtered Instagram photo may show. With this free app, users guaranteed that every item listed has been bought within the last 2 months. With a similar user model as Posh, everything is itemized by category. Since it’s Mint Market’s motto that everything is almost mint condition, I’d recommend this app specifically for electronics.

A resale app 2.0, this site allows you do a bit more than scroll photos of used merchandise and send comments. With this app, sellers can upload a picture of the barcode on the item. Within the app is a feature called Savvy Listing in which prospective buyers can use the in-app barcode scanner to scan the same barcode. With that, all of the specs for the item pull up almost like a Facebook profile for the merchandise. Of course, the condition of the item can’t be detected through scanning, so relying solely on the itemized list of features is not recommended, but it definitely helps.

Yes, it’s exactly how it sounds. Of course, as in flea market shopping and garage sale shopping, you will not have stepped into a goldmine. You have to peruse through a ton of stuff, but once you find the right item, feel to free to rejoice. I’ve seen listings for cars, computers, cameras and more. Whether these items are operational is probably a great question for the owner, but if you’re into DIY projects, this is a great place to find some potentially great items without have to pay up front for a fixer upper.